5 Enemy of One Piece It Gets Respect from the Straw Hats Group

The enemy One Piece is diverse. Some are cruel and cunning, some are noble.

Now, these noble One Piece enemies sometimes get the respect of the Straw Hats after being defeated. Here are the five figures!

In the fight in Alabasta, Zoro could not do much against Daz Bones. The blade of his sword had no effect, while the throw of his building could be cut easily by his enemy.

But after being ripped and almost crushed by the ruins, Zoro can hear the breath of everything around him, including plants, rocks, and metal bodies of Daz Bones. Zoro was finally able to cut metal and defeat Mr. 1.

The moment of his success. 1 that, Zoro had time to thank because his enemy has helped him become stronger.

The final part of Sanji's duel against Bentham, alias Mr. 2, running very well. The two fighters fought each other's foot techniques, until finally Sanji won.


At the end of the battle, Bentham believes he will be killed by Crocodile. So he asks Sanji to finish him off. But Sanji even offered a handshake over a good fight. Then when Bentham greeted, Sanji even beat Mr. 2 to battered.

But Sanji does have respect for Bentham. The proof he did let the enemy was alive, after Sanji took back his glasses Usopp. Even the caption box mentioned Sanji's prize as the winner is a piece of friendship.

Despite being beaten at the end, Bentham himself did not turn against the Straw Hats. Instead he came to help them get away from Alabasta.

Two enemies One Piece others who have respect for the Straw Hat members may check on the second page!

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