5 Duet Fathers Children We Always Expect Happened in Animanga Naruto


Father and son unite! Nothing can beat a combination between father and son. Here is a 5 duet of a child's father in an animanga Naruto which is surely exciting if any.

The father's son relationship in animanga Naruto several times told like Kakashi and Naruto's past.

However, they are rarely given the opportunity to fight together as a father and son. His father is great, his son is also great, certainly if they duet in the battlefield will be very troublesome opponent. Here are 5 duets of the child's father we always expect to have in the animanga Naruto.


Shikamaru – Shikaku

The father of the child of the Nara clan is more acting as a strategist than an executor, although it is not possible to compete as a field agent.

The thoughts of Shikamaru and Shikaku that we see only when they play shogi. They had fought together indirectly on the battlefield during the Fourth Shinobi World War through liaison.

A great combination of strategies and shadow moves will color if these two men are duet. Or maybe they are even arguing over which strategy is best?


Azuma – Hiruzen

Hiruzen is a hokage and a genius shinobi dubbed Professor, while Azuma himself is a shinobi patron who is also very great.

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Hiruzen mastered all the elements and used Enma as his wand. Azuma is skilled in using the highly distinctive knuckle chakra . What if they duet in a fight? must be very great and charming.


Might Guy – Might Dai

The figure of this child's father certainly has a strong emotional connection. Like Guy's teacher habit, their emotional connection always ends with a tearful and happy expression of tears.

Two users of this Hachimon taijutsu will be terrible if you join a team. One user Hachimon is horrible, let alone two! Might Guy's emotional duo and Might Dai actually need to be picked up, but a bit more are represented if Guy is a duet with Rock Lee, his pupil, albeit on a lower emotional scale.


Kakashi – Sakumo

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<p style= Sakumo Hattake died of suicide when Kakashi was young. He decided to commit suicide because of the Konoha villagers, who had actually saved him in the past, for failing to carry out a mission.

Sakumo is nicknamed as Konoha's white fang who proves himself to be great. Kakashi himself is also finally the sixth hokage, of course with the ability to qualify. If Sakumo is not dead by then, Kakashi will get a duet chance with his father on the battlefield as the unforgiving shinobi!


Naruto – Minato

The Naruto and Minato duets we've been waiting for have seen in almost the last part of the Naruto Naruto

At that time Minato was revived by Orochimaru and advanced to the battlefield and fought with Naruto. Besides father and son united, chakra yin and yang kurama can also be reunited. Their most famous scene is the father and son fasc which illustrates the transformation in the world shinobi .

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Well, what do you think? Is there a duet of the father of another child who should have been raised in the Naruto animated story In contrast to a team duet, a friend, or a pupil teacher, a father's father's duet will have a higher emotional effect.

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