5 Characters It Must Be on Captain Tsubasa Dream Team!


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<h4> Captain Tsubasa Dream Team transformed into one of the mobile games favored by mobile game players who are not lulled to play analogue moba or PUBG KW Super. </h4>
<p> Game made by Klab Games is not even one month present in the App Store and Google Play but it can be transformed into one of the favorite games among mobile gaming enthusiasts in Indonesia. This is due to the element of nostalgia brought by the main character Tsubasa Ozora itself. </p>
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Yoichi Takahashi's character was popular in Indonesia in the mid-2000s, aired by TV7 every afternoon at 14.00 and moved to prime time at 18.00 shifting the position of Doraemon and ~ Baywatch ~ Saint Seiya at the author's heart and indirectly affecting the position the writer at the school team ~ football team at the time.

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The story of Captain Tsubasa tells the story of Tsubasa Ozora being the greatest soccer player in Japan and around the world, starting from scratch at school level until transformed into a flagship player in Barcelona. Tsubasa's story has also gained significant development from just playing in Japan to playing in the World Cup.

In its own game for its release in Indonesia there has been a wide range of characters that come from Tsubasa itself, Misaki, Hyuga, Tachibana Twins, Sneijder, to the newest of Natureza, and even the German giant Mueller. Captain Tsubasa Dream Team combines card games, rpg, and sport into one genre so we are presented with a very unique and different playing experience.

Here we will discuss, 5 characters that must be in the next update Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Indonesian version, guess who they are? We discuss below!


Barca no Taka – Rivaul

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<p> This captain from Barcelona became a rival to Tsubasa in his early presence in Barcelona , his position as a central midfielder certainly intersect with Tsubasa.Player with the original name of Fernando Cosas Dustra is his ability as a Brazilian footballer was no doubt, his flagship stance of Rivaul Turn and Sky Hawk Shot ready to bully the opponent's goal without mercy </p>
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<p> The Swede was nicknamed the God of Destruction because his shot was capable of destroying the opponent's hand even a SGGK Genzo Wakabayashi was successfully penetrated without mercy. Levin who lost his fiancee because of this accident had some deadly strokes on the field that could destroy any opponent (except Tsubasa because Tsubasa is the greatest player ~ the main character or the central story) </p>
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Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team


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Feel playing as Tsubasa Ozora or Kojiro Hyuga here, collect your hero and play with your friends

Among Levin Shot that can blow away any goalkeeper and Seven Arrow Feint is a hoax that can produce movement of seven colors of rainbow that can make opponents gawk. Levin finally realized that the ball was a friend and not for a destroyer after being lectured by Tsubasa.

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