5 Characters in Naruto It Always Takes Ninja Paper Rolls, Roughly What Does it Work?


This collection of characters is often seen carrying scrolls of ninja paper. And some never use it! Anyone anyway?

The scrolls in the Naruto anime manga are useful for sealing things and sometimes serve to add ammo to the fight. Nevertheless, carrying a larger scroll in large form will of course reduce the agility and mobility of a shinobi .

Some of these characters are seen carrying large scrolls to and fro. There is a clear function, some are never used it. Here is the list.


Hashirama Senju

Hashirama is seen carrying a large scroll tied at the back of his body. But on several occasions, Hashirama is not seen using the scroll. Jutsu which he uses focuses on hand seals.

It is claimed that the scroll is a dangerous seal of Konoha's seal if it is controlled by others, so he as Hokage brings the scroll elsewhere to avoid being stolen by others.

The subsequent speculation is that the scroll is a scroll which is a covenant with nature to be able to use senjutsu .



The second person seen to have brought a large scroll is Jiraiya. While training and adventuring with Naruto, Jiraiya is seen carrying a large roll like the one brought by Hashirama. But uniquely, Jiraiya also never used the scroll.

Speculation that arises is the scroll is a blood covenant made himself and Naruto with Myoboku Mountain, but this is never proven with certainty. In addition, Jiraiya also used rolls to seal Itachi's Amaterasu, but the scrolls were not that great.


Naruto Uzumaki

Ninja paper scrolls that Naruto carries have a clear function.

Against Pain, Naruto is seen carrying a large scroll behind his body as brought by Jiraiya and Hashirama. The scroll is useful for summoning the shadow of himself that resides on Mount Myoboku to activate his sage mode chakra .

When his sage mode chakra ran out, he summoned the shadow sealed in the scroll, integrating with himself so that his sage mode was re-active. This is a trick bunshin which is always used by Naruto, even while practicing.



In every occasion, Tenten is seen carrying a roll of ninja paper. In the case of Tenten, this scroll is very necessary and useful for performing his jutsu . Tenten is a Bukijutsu user who is in dire need of rolls. The scroll serves to store his weapon and is issued when performing a jutsu .

Without the scroll, perhaps Ten Ten can only do jutsu with a few weapons that do not vary just yes ..



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<p> Sai has <em> jutsu </em> uniquely different from the others. He is a painter who makes his paintings come alive and can be used to attack and defend. The roll that Sai brought was not a scroll like the one carried by another shinobi, that is, a seal roll. The roll he carried was a roll of paper as a medium of ink drawing. </p>
<p> How not, a user <em> jutsu </em> painting like Sai needs a drawing media in the form of paper scrolls before making it come true. No wonder if Sai brings scrolls everywhere. </p>
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That's the 5 characters in Naruto that carry the scroll and its function. What do you think? Have you ever seen them carry a scroll? Do you agree with those functions? If any other functionality is missed, it can be added yes.

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