5 Beautiful and Beautiful Anime Female Chick Characters


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<h4> The white-haired anime girl character must have her own charm. Not only that, for some reason almost in every anime there is an interesting story about the character of this white-haired girl. In this article, 5 characters will be discussed, check it out! </h4>
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<p class= Mirajane Strauss

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<p> The first white-haired anime girl character is Mirajane Strauss of the anime <em> Fairy Tail </em>. It was the <em> S-Class Mage </em> who joined in the <em> Fairy Tail Guild </em>. Although she is beautiful, she was once greatly feared by people <em> guild </em> and criminals because she had a high temper and often spoke abusively. </p>
<p> But after the death of his sister Lisanna, Mirajane loses his magical powers and his desire to fight. Not only that, his nature also changed drastically into someone who is caring and caring towards everyone. </p>
<p> Mirajane is also told to have a talent in the world of modeling, playing guitar, and also singing. He also has a hobby of cooking but very hates cockroaches. Another thing he does not like is called "stupid". This is evidenced as he cried when called "dumb" by Gray. </p>
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<p class= Fremy Speeddraw

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<p> Fremy Speeddraw or so-called Flamie in the animenya is one of the main characters in the anime <em> Rokka no Yuusha </em>. He is one of <em> Six Braves </em> which is 6 heroes elected to defeat Majin the main antagonist. </p>
<p> In appearance, Fremy looks very attractive with her short white hair adorned with pink-blue flowers. He also uses a black eye patch on his right eye. Not only that, the clothes he uses are also very sexy. </p>
<p> Fremy himself is half human and half Kyouma. He never knew his real father because his father was killed instantly when his mother Kyoumanya was pregnant. Fremy was later raised by his mother and told him to grow strong and hate the other Kyouma. </p>
<p> Under the orders of his mother, Fremy went into the human world to slaughter the famous men. Unfortunately, he failed to defeat Chamo so that his mother and other Kyouma dismissed him as useless and attempted to kill him. </p>
<p> After feeling betrayed by the people he cares about, Fremy cuts off his own horns as a sign he ends his relationship with the Kyouma. Then he tried to kill the Majin for revenge because it would destroy the plans of the Kyouma who raised him. </p>
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In addition to these two white-haired anime girls, there are still 3 more characters that have an interesting story on the next page. Check it now!


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