5 Anime Chess Player Characters, Who's the Most Intelligent Among Them?


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<h4> Although quite rare there are anime focus on the game of chess, but we often see some anime characters playing chess. Surely many are curious, who the heck the best anime character playing chess? </h4>
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<p class= Klaus Von Reinherz

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<p> Klaus is chairman of the Libra organization in the anime <em> Kekkai Sensen </em>. In the anime or manga, Klaus often looks very serious when in front of his computer. Apparently, his serious face was not for work but he played Prosfair, a kind of modified chess game. </p>
<p> In one of his manga episodes also told a match of Prosfair held between Klaus and <em> Chess Grandmaster </em> Ulchelko. This Prosfair match lasts for 99 hours non-stop. Although there are other parties who try to disrupt Klaus's concentration, but Klaus manages to stay focused on his game. </p>
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Ciel Phantomhive

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<p> Ciel Phantomhive is the main character of the 1961 Black Butler <em> anime. Narrated in the animenya that Ciel's primary purpose is revenge to those who betray the Phantomhive family, so that they can feel the pain he feels. </p>
<p> Characters that always use the blindfold on his right eye choose to die without regret after trying to avenge him. Things he does not like, are often compared to games like chess. </p>
<p> In fact he once said "But this world is not a game of chess, where a person will not win if not playing according to the rules." Not infrequently he also risked his life when playing the game. </p>
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<p class= L

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<p> The next chess anime character chess is L, which is the main character of the anime <em> Death Note </em>. Besides being famous for his genius, he is also very meticulous and has excellent deductive ability, so he can analyze everything that happens and deceive his opponent. </p>
<p> In the animation, L is told to play chess while chatting with Yagami Light. In addition, the novel <em> L: Change the World </em> which tells the 23 days before L's death concludes with L imagining himself playing chess with Light before the effects of his <em> Death Note </em> were felt. </p>
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<p class= Shiro

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<p> Shiro, who is the main female character of the anime <em> No Game No Life </em> is famous for its incredibly high level of genius. In addition to speaking in 18 languages, Shiro is also a <em> master of Chess </em>. Surely this nickname is not just nonsense. </p>
<p> Shiro has won every chess game he plays. Even in addition to chess, he along with his older brother, Sora, is very reliable in playing games and has become the best in 280 games. </p>
<p> Nevertheless, Shiro's weakness is that he can not stay away from Sora because it will make his mentality unstable. </p>
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<p> Lelouch derived from the anime <em> Code Geass </em>is a very clever anime character. Although at school he looks very <em> friendly </em> and <em> easygoing </em>the original Lelouch nature is not like that. He has his own charisma that makes many believers and <em> respect </em> to him. </p>
<p> The chess game itself in this anime has an important role, because through chess, they can show their tactical abilities. Lelouch himself is one of the best chess players in the anime. </p>
<p> Well, how do you guys think about the anime character playing chess above? Do you agree that Lelouch is a great chess player among all the other anime characters? Do not forget to voice your opinion in the comment field yes! </p>
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