4 Dragon Ball Gangsters Ever Saved by Goku!

There are many criminals who appear in the Dragon Ball series. But only 4 Dragon Ball guys are the only ones saved by Goku! Who are they?

Dragon Ball always succeeds in presenting interesting villain characters. Call it like Frieza and, relatively new, Zamasu are some villains Dragon Ball who has quite a lot of fans.

These criminals once confronted and fought against Goku. Even so, because of Goku's goodness, it is not necessarily all these criminals killed by Goku. There are some criminals Dragon Ball who are pityed by Goku, left to live to finally repent – but unfortunately not all repent to be good.

Well, roughly anyone anyway Dragon Ball ever saved by Goku? The following is a list of villains Dragon Ball who was saved by Goku!


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<p style= Piccolo first appeared in the Dragon Ball series as a villain. Born from his father, the Demonic King Piccolo (Piccolo Daimao) who was also defeated by Goku, the Piccolo Junior became the last enemy of Goku in the first half Dragon Ball .

After a fairly fierce battle, Goku finally defeated Piccolo. Well, when Piccolo was about to be killed by Us, Goku also prevented it. He said that if Piccolo die we will die, and if We die, then Dragon Ball will be destroyed. For this reason, he saved Piccolo.

However, it seems implied that Goku let Piccolo stay alive because he feels affection if the only fighter who becomes his enemy and gives him the fierce battle is alive. Well, it's already Goku's liking-fighting nature, but not as severe as it is in Dragon Ball Super .

Goku is also confident that although Piccolo will come again and stronger, but he will become much stronger than Piccolo. But fortunately, since being defeated by Goku, Piccolo gradually became good.

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