3 times Mr. Satan Ever Saves the Earth from Destruction!


Although the narcissist is excessive, weak and cowardly, but Mr. Satan once saved the Earth at least 3 times from destruction, you know!

Mr. Satan is known as an annoying character throughout the Dragon Ball series . How come? This one character is very narcissistic, selfish, and cowardly. However, behind all of his negativity, Mr. Satan is a very good person. So good, he's risking his life to save the Earth.

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Yes, Mr. Satan once saved the Earth. Throughout the Dragon Ball series he not only once saved the Earth from destruction. Counting, there are three times Mr. Satan once saved the Earth from destruction. What time is it? Here's the discussion!


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Cell Saga

 Satan once saved the earth "For the uninitiated, in the western versions the name Satan is changed to Hercule </figcaption>
<p style= First appearance of Mr. Satan is the time of the Cell Games Saga. Here, he is called a world martial champion. He is also portrayed as a confident character – to the point of being able to be called an arrogant person.

His ignorance on Ki led him to believe that flying or firing energy carried by Cell (and including Goku et al) is a mere trick. He confidently opposes Cell and ends up being thrown out of the arena by Cell.

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<p style= Despite spending most of the time hiding during Cell Games, but at the end of the fight, Satan can be quite meritorious. At that time, Android 16 who just stayed his head after being attacked by Cell, asked Mr. Satan to bring him near Gohan and Cell.

If only Mr. Satan is selfish or indifferent to the safety of the world, he must have run away or heed Android 16. If that happens, maybe Android 16 will not be trodden by Cell and Gohan does not become Super Saiyan 2-and Earth is destroyed by Cell.

However, despite his cowardice, he fights his fears and ventures to throw Android 16 in the direction of Cell. You could say, indirectly, Mr. Satan is instrumental in saving the Earth from destruction.

Then, when is Mr. Satan ever saved the Earth? Continue to page 2!


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