3 Defeated Universe 7 Brawlers Have a Ridiculous Similarity


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<h4> Until <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 107, there are three fighters of the Universe 7 who were knocked out. Interestingly, all three have silly equations. What is intentional? </h4>
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Due to which only three fighting Universe 7 fighters are omitted, it is clear this article contains spoiler . So it's not advisable to continue reading if you do not know who the eliminated fighters are.


Of the number of surviving fighters, the two most successful universes so far are Universe 6 and 7. Among the two, Universe 7 as the main character universe is also quite mighty. So far, Goku and his friends have become the source of the other warriors.

However with chaotic like battle royal formats, it is difficult for a team to continue to survive from beginning to end.

Krillin became the first Universe 7 fighters to be knocked out first. Dismissed, he was not ready to be beaten by Frost out of the arena.

After Krillin, who was eliminated was Tien Shinhan. Like Krillin, Tien was eliminated because he was off guard. The enemy that he should get rid of can actually make him fall from the arena. But at least Tien was able to use his clone to drag all his opponents. The action left him unchallenged like Krillin.

The third eliminated is Master Roshi. This one man was almost killed against Ganos. Then Frost beat him to death, and he mimed himself with three Mafubas. Roshi was forced out of her own for the sake of her salvation.

Now, look again at the 7th defeated Universe 7 fighters above. They all have something in common that is very clear. First, they are all human beings. Secondly … they all have a slick bald head.

Actually there is a simple reason why this bald trio got knocked out first. Their level of power is clearly under Namek, Saiyan, and android adversaries representing Universe 7. But still this equation feels quite hilarious.

The Remaining Bald Warrior

Following the bald pattern of being knocked out first, Piccolo seems to be in danger. The reason this Namek fighter has had to grow his arm three times because of sniper from Universe 2. Although usually appear as the strongest fighter under the Saiya, Piccolo fatigue can lead to elimination. Especially considering the fighters other than Piccolo still more fresh and prime.

In addition to Piccolo, another "balding" fighter left over from Universe 7 is Frieza. If he and Piccolo were knocked out after this, it would have been proven that the scriptwriter Dragon Ball Super hates a hairless character.

But it seems Frieza will last long in the arena. The author feels Android 18 or 17 will be eliminated first before him, break streak eliminated bald warrior.

How do you feel about this eliminated baled fighter equation? Convey in the comment field!


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