3 Couples Beloved with Unique Relationships in Detective Conan

The relationship between men and women is usually lived normally from courtship to marriage. However, these pairs have an unusual relationship. Kogoro and Eri decide to split but still like, Sonoko and Makoto underwent LDR but Sonoko himself still likes to tease other men, while Yumi and Shuikichi seem to undergo a relationship without status but kissing. Check out the complete story of the three couples!



Kogoro Mouri and Eri Kisaki

Kogoro is a private detective, but he prefers to laze around his office all day unless his client is a beautiful lady. Kogoro attended Teitan High School, along with Eri Kisaki, Yukiko Fujimine, and actress Ruri Ujo. He then graduated from Beika University as an ace of the judo team.

Moments after graduation, Kogoro became a police officer, working in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Division with Inspector Megure. Kogoro is a very good sniper, but not a great investigator. Its other characteristic is that Kogoro is easily infatuated with beautiful women. His favorite celebrity is Yoko Okino and he never missed his television show. He also keeps a large collection of Yoko's items and puts up Yoko's posters in his office and bedroom.

Meanwhile, Eri Kisaki is a very attractive woman. Men of all ages have been attracted to him, but always rejected because of his feelings for Kogoro. She and Yukiko are considered the two most beautiful girls in Teitan High School as they become students.

The reason the two are separated is still unclear. The first cultivation is due to Kogoro's flirtatious nature of a beautiful woman. However, it is not known clearly whether this is the main reason Eri left Kogoro.

On the other hand, in Detective Conan Movie 2, Kogoro leaves the police force because of an incident in which he shot Eri Kisaki on foot to save him from hostage taking. This is also the reason why Eri left Kogoro. But in fact they never divorced officially even after ten years.

Their daughter, Ran, keeps trying to restore their relationship, but she has not succeeded. While still pretending not to be interested in him, Kogoro still has feelings for Eri. She even asked him to come back with him at some time, but by then he pretended not to hear her because she was not "ready", though she still had feelings for him as well. This is expressed by his jealousy as Kogoro notices other beautiful women.


Sonoko Suzuki and Makoto

Sonoko is the daughter of Tomoko and Shiro Suzuki, a very rich family and has a great company. Sonoko has an older sister, Ayako, and an uncle named Jirokichi, who is often involved in attempting to capture Kaitou Kid. Sonoko and Ran have been close friends since before junior high.

Sonoko's main interest is trying to find the perfect boy. She often tries several ways to find a girlfriend, including dressing up specially, making chocolates, trying to impress a man in a bikini, or going to various events performed by young people. Unfortunately, whenever Sonoko does that, Ran continues to be the center of attention that makes Sonoko feel jealous and disappointed. He is also a big fan of LEX and Two-Mix bands.

Makoto is a high school student of Haido. He is a prominent member and captain of the karate team and is known as "Prince Kicks". He sees Sonoko cheer with enthusiasm during a martial arts tournament and is attracted to him.

After the events of the tournament, Makoto worked at his family's lodgings as a maid, where he met Sonoko again. Shortly thereafter, Sonoko was followed by a serial killer who suspected Sonoko of photographing him during his final murder. The killer wants to silence him as a witness and kill him because he hates the brown-haired girl. Makoto rescues her from the tragedy just in time and gets her affection.

Sonoko's attention-loving attitude changed when Sonoko met and started dating Makoto. Although Sonoko is still easily attracted to other men, he remains loyal to Makoto and tries to act as he wishes, including giving her presents and planning a romantic date

Unfortunately, Makoto's participation in martial arts competitions and his studies abroad prevented them from seeing each other. Nevertheless, Sonoko always does his best to keep in contact with him, including sending out the knick-knacks and gifts he made himself, and Makoto remains faithful to him. Even Makoto once left an important tournament just to meet with Sonoko. Sonoko had introduced Makoto to his parents and they agreed.

Do not miss the sequel on page 2 yaa.

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