25 This Football Manga Proves That The Manga Ball Is Not Captain Tsubasa Only

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Speaking of football manga, our image must have been fixed on a manga named Captain Tsubasa . No one too because the image Captain Tsubasa as an icon of football manga has been very strong and can not be refuted anymore.

The influence of Captain Tsubasa has been so powerful that it has influenced many world players by reading this manga. Thanks to Tsubasa also the moral spirit of Japan's national football team is rising because suddenly many people are agitating athletes football. Until now, impact of this series still continues to feel like now.

However, talking about football manga is not just about Tsubasa and his extraordinary friends in kicking the ball and flashback of course. There are still many other football manga you can taste and prove that the football manga is not just Captain Tsubasa only.


A Japanese polling site called Goo makes a most popular football manga poll besides Captain Tsubasa. The poll was conducted on 11 – 25 November 2017 yesterday and total respondents were 2740 people.

The results are quite varied and many titles that have unexpected stories appear on this list and serve as proof that manga football is fun not just Captain Tsubasa only.

Here are 25 favorite football manga of Japanese netizens according to the Goo site:

  1. Aoki Densetsu Shoot! (478 votes)
  2. Whistle (319 votes)

  1. Days (313 votes)
  2. Giant Killing (200 votes)

  1. Area no Kishi (179 votes)
  2. Offside (102 votes)
  3. Bokutachi no Field (90 votes)
  4. Akakichi no Eleven (81 votes)
  5. Ganbare! Kickers (70 votes)
  6. Fantasista (53 votes)

  1. Kick Off (51 votes)
  2. Kattobi Itto (51 votes)
  3. A Dream (38 votes)
  4. BE BLUES ~ Ao ni Nare ~ (37 votes)
  5. Choukidoubouhatsu Sakka Yarou Ribero no Takeda (28 votes)
  6. Aoashi (25 votes)
  7. Sayonata Watashi no Cramer (21 votes)
  8. GET LOVE !! Field bo Ousama (20 votes)
  9. Furimukuna Kimi wa (18 votes)
  10. Mai Ball !! (17 votes)
  11. Money Football (15 votes)
  12. Free Kick! (15 votes)
  13. Kaze no Field (14 votes)
  14. Football Natuon (13 votes)
  15. Angel Voice (12 votes)

How has a solid football manga recommend yet? If for example you have a recommendation manga football more ciamik again. Do not forget to say in the comment field yes.

Edited by Fachrul Razi

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