2018 Captain Tsubasa Prediction Episode 8: Nankatsu Lost from Shutetsu?

Already watching the anime Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 6? This means it is time for my World Network to discuss and predict anime Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 8!

As always, before we start the anime prediction Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 8, we will discuss a bit about the anime Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 6.

In this episode, our hero, Tsubasa in the Nankatsu team has already competed against their one-area rival, Shutetsu school guarded by the genius goalkeeper of his age, Genzo Wakabayashi.


Is Nankatsu able to provide resistance? A little maybe yes, but it does not really produce a goal against Shutetsu.

Instead, Nankatsu's defense is improving as Tsubasa becomes a defender, while Ishizaki replaces him for attacking.

However, because Tsubasa was "unaware", Teppei Kisugi finally scored, while Ishizaki always failed to score, so the Nankatsu team trailed 0-1 from Shutetsu. What happened at Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 8?

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<p> After the first half is over, Tsubasa will return to his position, and strike at Wakabayashi's goal to produce a goal. </p>
<p> In addition to Nankatsu's already "unhappy" condition if it persisted, Wakabayashi also challenged Tsubasa to attack him. </p>
<p> Of course Tsubasa will not allow the challenge, because for him, this is a back challenge given by Wakabayashi after Tsubasa has already given a challenge, so he has to accept it. </p>
<h4> <strong> Is Tsubasa capable of scoring goals? Check the next page for prediction <em> Captain Tsubasa 2018 </em> next episode 8! </strong> </h4>
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