11 Unique YuGiOh Cards That Will Make You Automatic Win!


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<h4 style= Pssst … with these YuGiOh cards, you can automatically win the duel, you know! What is the YuGiOh card in question?

In the game YuGiOh, there are series of cards YuGiOh which in the text of the card (its effect) states unique conditions. If these unique conditions are met, then the user of the YuGiOh card will automatically win the duel. This is called Duel Winner .

Perhaps, one of the most famous Duel Winner cards is Exodia the Forbidden One. The card is the first YuGiOh card that appears in this series and gives the player an automatic victory.

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Despite giving automatic victory, but these YuGiOh cards are not necessarily easy to issue, you know! In a way, being eligible to issue a Duel Winner card and activate its effect requires extra effort and also support cards. However, it does not mean that removing this YuGiOh card is impossible.

Now, what are the cards YuGiOh that can give you an automatic win? Here are some of the YuGiOh cards meant!

Keep in mind, the cards mentioned are cards that can still be used in real duel. So cards like Creator of Miracles and Don Thousand / Monster C are not on this list.

Exodia the Forbidden One

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<p style= Card YuGiOh which gives you an automatic victory and is most first released on this list. The way to win a duel with Exodia the Forbidden One is to have this card in hand along with 4 other cards: Left Arm of Forbidden One, Left Arm of the Forbidden One, and Right Leg of Forbidden One.

With so many current support cards, Exodia is a fairly easy card to collect into hands. Perhaps that is why, these five cards can only be brought each one copy in one deck when the duel.

Destiny Board

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<p style= Destiny Board becomes one of two cards YuGiOh type Trap that appears in this list. After enabling the Destiny Board, then each end of your opponent's turn, you can put one Spell Spirit Message card into the field.

The Spirit Message Card is: Spirit Message 'I', Spirit Message 'N', Spirit Message 'A', Spirit Message 'L'. Everything is issued sequentially, and if everything has appeared in the field, then you automatically win the duel.

Final Countdown

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<p style= Final Countdown becomes one of two cards YuGiOh of type Spell that appears in this list. Unlike Exodia and Destiny Board that require complicated terms, you only need to pay 2000 LP to activate this card.

Pretty easy? Only, this new card is active 20 turn after you activate it. So you need to survive forever long enough until finally YuGiOh is active and you can win the duel.

Just like Exodia, this card is limited to one sheet copy only in every deck for duel with TCG format.

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