10 Variations of Garurumon Evolution It's Probably You Do not Know!


 variations of the evolution of garurumon "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> Do you know that Garurumon's evolution line is not as great as Greymon? Here are 10 variations of Garurumon evolution you may not know! </h4>
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On the screen we have known some variations of evolution of Garurumon, but do you know there are still Garurumon families you may never know? Here duniaku.net lists 10 species of Garurumon for you to read!

Garurumon X, as the name suggests is a variation of Garurumon's evolution that carries the X-Antibody in its body .In addition to protecting it from X-Program X-Antibody also gives greater strength to Garurumon X when compared to ordinary Garurumon.

Garurumon X has a somewhat different design from ordinary Garurumon, having three pairs of sharp iron on its back. In addition Garurumon X also barely has a stripe on his body like a regular Garurumon, except on the forehead. The color of the claws and the shape of the tail is also different when juxtaposed with Garurumon in general.


WereGarurumon X

 variations of evolution of Garurumon "width =" 320 "height =" 320 "/> Next is WereGarurumon X, another variation of Garurumon evolution which has <em> X-Antibody </em>.) Compared to the usual WereGarurumon version, WereGarurumon X is definitely stronger considering he has a protector of the <em> X-Program </em>. </p>
<p> WereGarurumon X is a fighter who prefers to rely on kicks. Although his body is more equipped with armor than regular WereGarurumon, this does not impede the motion of WereGarurumon X because of its lightweight material. Not only that, WereGarurumon X is also equipped with a giant iron claw in both hands that can tear anyone's opponent! </p>
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MetalGarurumon X

 variation evolution Garurumon "width =" 320 "height =" 320 "/> After WereGarurumon X, it is time for the <em> X-Antibody </em> version of MetalGarurumon! Unlike the usual MetalGarurumon, MetalGarurumon X is capable standing on two legs thus increasing the ability of both long range and distance attacks. </p>
<p> Due to <em> X-Antibody </em>MetalGarurumon X is also immune to attacks <em> X-Program </em>. Not only is it an additional capability, MetalGarurumon X is also armed with <em> Metal Storm </em> capable of shooting long distances or within close range with very fast barrage shots. </p>
<h4> There is also an evolutionary variation of Garurumon inedible to darkness! Curious? Go to the second page to find out more! </h4>
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