10 Strongest Android Ever Drawn Gero in the Dragon Ball Series!


There are many Android that were created and appeared in the Dragon Ball series . Who is the strongest? This is the list of the strongest Android in the Dragon Ball series !

Android is arguably one of the strongest races ever created in the Dragon Ball series . Their strength was not kidding, even some that can offset and surpass Super Saiyan. Well, roughly the number of Android ever created by Dr. Gero, who is the strongest Android?

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Here is a list of 10 strongest Android ever created by Dr. Gero. Keep in mind, that this list will only mention android that ever appeared in the Dragon Ball series, including movie and games. Then, the Android mentioned here is just Android created by Dr. Gero. So, android like Arale or Meta-Cooler will not be mentioned here.

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Oh, and do not forget … spoiler alert! Here's the list !!

Spoiler Alert!


Android 20 / Dr. Gero ( Dragon Ball Z )

Rank 10th is the creator himself, Dr. Gero. He created Android 20 to accommodate his brain and his aging consciousness and died. You could say, Android 20 itself is just a container for the soul Dr. Gero.

Android 20 has a power that can not be underestimated. Though not as powerful as the Super Saiyan, but Android 20 has some pretty inconvenient capabilities and makes it a dangerous fighter, such as absorbing Ki enemies. In addition, because he is Android, Android 20 becomes very difficult to track because it does not remove Ki which can be detected.


Android 14 (Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!)

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<p style= Android this one appeared in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 . The film itself is setting after Dr. Gero was killed in the hands of Android 18 and 19, but before Goku et al practiced in the Space of Time and Soul.

Having a large body, this android is able to make Goku and Future Trunks hassles in their base form . He also fought in balance with Future Trunks in the form of Super Saiyan – although finally Future Trunks won the battle.

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