10 Shinobi Who Sacrificed Himself for a Noble Purpose


There is no greater love than someone who gives his life for his friends. This is the form of love shinobi that sacrifices itself.

Life is an option. They may choose to remain alive or sacrifice themselves to protect the village and its inhabitants.

The determination of the fire that became the philosophy of thinking of shinobi Konoha seems to penetrate into their souls so that they would sacrifice themselves for the sake of Konoha or those they love.

Here are 10 shinobi who sacrificed themselves for a noble cause.



Jiraiya's death is indeed very surprising. Jiraiya who feels responsible for the chaos caused by Pain, his pupil, is trying to stop him. But his efforts failed and led to his defeat.

By the time he is dying, he has the option of hiding with his own jutsu which he can endure unnoticed by Pain or sacrificing himself by leaving a message for Konoha regarding Pain, so that they can more easily defeat him.

Finally Jiraiya chose to leave a death message written on Fukasaku's back. The message informed Konoha of Pain's true identity.


Rin Nohara

Rin is a young friend of Kakashi and Obito who are members of the Minato team. Rin has been involved in several missions with the team. Post-death of Obito in World War Shinobi Third, Rin was forced to become a jinchuriki sanbi after being abducted by the village of Kirigakure which was actually Madara's messenger.

Realizing he would harm Konoha and its inhabitants, he decided to commit suicide. He wore himself on raikiri Kakashi right through his heart.

His death brings peace because he must not be a threat to Konoha as a jinchuriki, but leaves a deep bitterness for Kakashi and Obito.


Neji Hyuga

Neji is a member of the Hyuga clan that comes from the lower castes. In his youth, he experienced the bitterness of the upper caste because he felt his father, Hizashi Hyuga, was sacrificed to protect Hiashi Hyuga, the upper caste family.

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But over time, Neji evolves into a very mature and responsible person. In World War Shinobi Fourth, Neji, Hinata, and Hiashi are tasked to help Naruto against Jubi. Massive Jubi attacks make team members somewhat difficult.

At one point, Jubi attacked with a wooden projectile leading to Naruto. Neji accepted the wooden projectile with his body to save Naruto. Finally Neji was killed in Naruto's arms. He took the same path with his father, who died to save his friend.


Tobirama Senju

Hashirama's successor as hokage in Konoha, Tobirama, has a burning determination. He was the shinobi genius who pioneered many structures in Konoha, such as the academy, the chunin exam, and the Anbu.

During his visit to another village to meet the Second Raikage, suddenly he and his team were attacked by Kinkaku and Ginkaku's team. Kinkaku and Ginkaku are the great shinobi with the kyubi chakra. Pressed by them, Tobirama decides to become a distraction bait, so that the rest of the team can escape and safely return to Konoha.

The members of the team represent a young shinobi who holds the future of Konoha. Finally Tobirama died at the hands of Kinkaku and his team members survived. Tobirama was very humble to save his team at the expense of his life.


Raikage 3

The third Raikage was a very famous leader of his day. He is considered the greatest Raikage all along. Jutsu Nukite is his legendary jutsu

The end of the Third Raikage's life is told he stifled the 10,000 attacks shinobi alone and fought for three days and three nights to ensure his fellow fighters could escape and survive.

This fight brings great fatigue for him and the Third Raikage is dying. His sacrifice saves the lives of his subordinates who can escape death.

Who else is the character in the Naruto animanga who is willing to sacrifice his life? Check on next page!


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