10 Shinobi Genius in Naruto Make the Other Shinobi Look Stupid When Fighting

Intellectual ability to be a mainstay as well as a complement to the fight. These 10 shinobi have an above-average intelligence. Check out more!


A shinobi is required to have intellectual ability in strategizing in addition to having good fighting ability. The preparation of the right strategy will change many things as has been seen in various occasions in the manga anime Naruto . Here are 10 shinobi geniuses in the manga anime Naruto .


Zetsu Black

This one intelligent actor came later, during the three-fourths part of the manga anime Naruto we know Zetsu is only a member of Akatsuki in charge of spying and recording important events without knowing the true potential he possesses.

Zetsu Hitam is the actor behind it all. He manipulates the minds of Indra, Madara, Obito, Kabuto, and others for one purpose, namely to revive the mother, Kaguya Otsutsuki. After successfully awakening Kaguya, Zetsu Hitam also showed his intelligence in the fight.



As one of the earliest members of Akatsuki, Konan certainly has a great ability. According to the writer, Konan's ability is still poorly exploited, because in fact he has tremendous potential.

After Pain's attack on Konoha, Konan becomes a leader in the village of Amegakure and promises to Naruto to keep the peace. However, he has to deal with Tobi who wants to take Nagato's corpse and steal his Rinnegan. While fighting against Tobi, he was able to analyze jutsu between Kamui's time, so he could almost kill him.

He made a great fight so that Tobi lost his arm and one of his eyes. His final attack was to create an endless trough filled with explosive paper to bury Tobi there.



Shikamaru is a strategist from Konoha. His versatility in organizing attacks and war strategies declined from his father who also had the same ability. Since the chunin exam, Shikamaru has shown his genius in fighting. He always uses certain tricks to overcome every problem that exists.

For example when a duel with Temari, he uses his shirt shadow as a fishing line distracts Temari, while he has prepared a surprise attack from behind. When the Sound Four meet back in the Shinobi World War, Shikamaru is also able to analyze the situation. He was able to divide the Sound Four even use their emotions to be detected by Naruto.

The shinobi genius Naruto others can you check on the second page!

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