10 Most Beautiful Digimon Here Can Be "Waifu" Your Choice!




 most beautiful digimon "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> Among the digimon there are designed so beautiful to refresh the eyes of men Here are 10 most beautiful digimon that could be" waifu "your choice version <em> duniaku.net </em>! </h4>
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<p> Starting from the tenth most beautiful digimon rank: Ranamon! </p>
<p> Ranamon is a digimon that has the power of water. This Digimon first appeared in the <em> Digimon Frontier </em> series as an antagonist. Ranamon is one of the heirs of the Ten Legendary Struggle powers, gaining his power from <em> Spirit of Water </em> belonging to AncientMermaidmon. </p>
<p> Although the animated series Ranamon is an evil digimon, but according to the author the design is cute and cute. His similar behavior <em> idol </em> has even made him some fans like Toucanmon and Honeybeemon. Very deserving of the top ten. </p>
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<p> Ranking the ninth fairest digimon is in the hands of Lilamon! </p>
<p> Lilamon is a digimon with a beautiful flower design. He first appeared in the serial <em> Digimon Savers </em> or <em> Digimon Data Squad </em> as a result of the evolution of Lalamon and paired with Yoshino Fujieda. Although his body is small, he has great strength. The leaves on his body are poisonous, capable of killing his opponent to death. </p>
<p> Lilamon is designed with pink skin color and gorgeous black eyes. He was a fairy with flower-shaped wings. Her green hair is as small as it also adds to the beauty of his face. If he is human, we may already fall in love. </p>
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Sakuyamon, the digimon of this fox sits in the eighth rank!

For you who love Digimon series must be familiar with the beautiful fox. Sakuyamon is the last change from Renamon who joined his partner, Makino Ruki. Renamon himself appeared in the serial Digimon Tamers the third serial of the franchise Digimon.

Sakuyamon is a digimon designed on the basis of foxes in Japanese mythology . This prettiest Digimon writer insert into number eight because he can also turn into Miko Mode, complete with miko costume from Japan. Do not blame the author if you fall in love with sexiness beauty Sakuyamon Mode Miko.

Still have not found the most beautiful digimon of your idol? Just go to the second page!



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