10 Magicians This is the Strongest in the Fairy Tail Guild! Who is the First?


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<h4> Fairy Tail is the name of one of the largest <em> guilds </em> in Fiore. <em> The Guild </em> has many great magicians. Who is the strongest magician <em> guild </em> Fairy Tail? </h4>
<p> 10 </p>
<p class= Juvia Lockser

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<p> The first name on this list is Juvia Lockser. At first he was one of the antagonist characters in the story. Juvia comes from the Phantom Lord guild which is <em> guild </em> made by Laxus's father. But when he confronts Gray he falls in love with her and decides to follow him in Fairy Tail. </p>
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Juvia has water magic. It can easily control the surrounding water. Even the weather can be affected from the emotions that he had. His ability to control water magic is very high, he can even turn his body into water to avoid attacks from the enemy.


Makarov Dreyar

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<p> Of course the 3rd master, Makarov Dreyar, was among the strongest magicians in <em> guild </em> Fairy Tail. As we know Makarov is one of the ten holy witches in Fiore. </p>
<p> Makarov being one of the ten holy magicians is not without reason, he can use many types of magic and one of the most he is reliable in using is giant magic. </p>
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Makarov is famous for his magic that makes his body a giant. He can even turn one of his limbs into a large one at will.

In addition Makarov is also known for his light magic, he can even use the magic of Fairy Law which is one of the strongest magic that is in Fairy Tail.


Lucy Heartfilia

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<p> The strongest magician in <em> guild </em> The next Fairy Tail is Lucy Heatfilia. He is one of the main characters in the story, he has a unique magic that is Spatial Magic magic: Celestial Spirit <em> </em> which enables him to summon the celestial beings from the celestial world to help him in battle. </p>
<p> The thing that makes Lucy to be one of the strongest magicians is she has 12 gold keys also known as the zodiac keys. In addition Lucy can also issue one powerful magic named Fairy Sphere which is the strongest defense magic. Even Acnologia can not destroy this magic. </p>
<p> 7 </p>
<p class= Mirajane Strauss

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<p> Mirajane Strauss is a S level magician in <em> guild </em> Fairy Tail. He has a very interesting appearance and often becomes a model magazine in Fiore, but do not be fooled by his innocent and innocent look. He is one of the strongest magicians in <em> guild </em> Fairy Tail. </p>
<p> Mirajane is well known for his magic Take Over: Satan Soul <em> </em> hers. With his magic he can transform his body into a demon and can expel the power of the devil. Moreover, he has more than one change and all is stronger than his Satan Soul <em> </em> </p>
<h4> A six to four ranking can be found on the second page! </h4>
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