10 Facts Exodia the Forbidden One YuGiOh Rarely Known Fans!


Did you know that Exodia is inspired by the Egyptian God, Osiris, and has 4 different versions of the card? Here is the fact Exodia the Forbidden One that is rarely known by fans!

Exodia the Forbidden One, or better known as Exodia by the fans YuGiOh is one of the most famous cards in the series YuGiOh . This very iconic card has a very lethal effect: it will give you an automatic victory (of course, under certain conditions).

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Did you know that this Exodia turned out to take a reference from the god Osiris in Egyptian mythology? Also, did you know that this card also has 4 other versions? Here are some Exodia facts rarely known by fans!


References of the Gods Osiris in Egyptian Mythology

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<p style= It is common knowledge that YuGiOh often takes reference from Egyptian mythology. However, do you know which part of Egyptian mythology is the reference for this Exodia?

The answer is: Osiris!

In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the god of death and also the judge who decides to go to the realms where souls are dead. Narrated, the body of Osiris is separated and sealed by another god named Set.

This is very similar to Exodia in his artwork which is depicted in chains and split into five distinct parts.


First Monster Effect Card Released

If you read the facts YuGiOh then you will know that initially the monsters in this TCG game did not have much effect or effect monster . Yes, most of the cards that exist in the game were originally named Magc and Wizards these are normal cards without effect.

Well, Exodia became one of the first five cards to be released and has an effect. The other four cards are Armed Ninja, Man-Eater Bug, Hane-Hane, and Reaper of the Cards. Interestingly, from these five cards, Exodia is the only card that does not have Flip Effect .

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